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Home Services in Anderson County




Help Us Grow Successfully (HUGS) program staff assist pregnant women, postpartum women for up to two years, and infants and children up to age six in gaining access to medical, social, and educational services. Call us at 865-425-8723 for additional information.



CHAD is available in Anderson County for pregnant women and children ages birth to six. CHAD helps prevent or reduce abuse, neglect and developmental delays by providing parent support and education services. For more information, call 865- 425-8723.


TENNder Care


TENNder Care is the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program designed for the care of children from birth to young adulthood. Through the TENNder Care Program, children on TennCare from birth until the age of 21 are able to receive the health care they need. The goal of the program is to increase the number of children in Tennessee who receive preventative health screenings.

How do you schedule a TENNder Care visit? 
Call your doctor, TennCare health plan, or local health department to schedule an appointment. To learn more, call the TennCare Information Line at 1-800-669-1851.

Where do you go for more information on TENNder Care? 
EPSDT Outreach Coordinators at the Anderson County Health Department are happy to provide you information about TENNder Care.
EPSDT Outreach Coordinators can be reached at 425- 8715. 



Children's Special Services


The Tennessee Children’s Special Services program assures appropriate, timely comprehensive, quality services to children 0 to 21 who have or are at-risk for special needs. The program promotes the well-being of children in a manner that is family centered, culturally sensitive and community based through services coordinators acting as liaisons for children, families and providers- facilitation, collaborating and forming partnerships that are flexible and creative in meeting the unique needs of each child. Contact us at 865- 425- 8732 for more information.









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