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Child Health Services


EPSDP Screenings


Child health physicals are provided for uninsured population on a sliding fee scale.
EPSDT physicals (well check-ups) are provided to TennCare recipients with proof of TennCare coverage. These physicals include a complete family & medical history; vision, hearing & developmental screenings, as well as screening for risk of tuberculosis, cholesterol & lead risk. A complete physical is performed by a nurse & any abnormal findings are referred to the client’s Primary Care Provider.


EPSDT physicals are by appointment & TennCare is billed.
(865) 425-8801


Child Immunizations


Childhood immunizations are vital in protecting our children from many childhood diseases. Nationally, mandatory childhood immunizations programs have resulted in the elimination or reduction of many childhood diseases including measles, chickenpox, HIB meningitis, polio, etc. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that immunizations save the lives of over 3 million children per year.


Children's Special Services


The Tennessee Children’s Special Services program assures appropriate, timely comprehensive, quality services to children 0 to 21 who have or are at-risk for special needs. The program promotes the well-being of children in a manner that is family centered, culturally sensitive and community based through services coordinators acting as liaisons for children, families and providers- facilitation, collaborating and forming partnerships that are flexible and creative in meeting the unique needs of each child.


For more information, please contact us at 865- 425- 8732.


Communicable Disease Investigation


Public Health Representatives are assigned the responsibility of detecting, preventing, and controlling infectious and environmentally-related illnesses of public health significance. A unique attribute of infectious diseases is that they can often be prevented, and thus, efforts to that end result in lower expenditures for health care and less personal discomfort and pain.


Environmentally-related illnesses are often the result of the interaction of external physical and chemical factors with other variables, including lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics. Detecting, preventing, and controlling both infectious and environmental disease provides enormous financial and emotional benefits to the citizens of Anderson County. Surveillance is dependent on reporting and the assistance of personnel in our local health department, physicians, infection control practitioners, and laboratory staff. Many committed health care professionals throughout Tennessee contribute to the ongoing reporting of disease.


The Communicable Disease Program focuses on threes areas: sexually transmitted disease services, tuberculosis (TB) services, and HIV/AIDS services. Tennessee public health laws give the Tennessee Department of Health responsibility for implementing regulations for the control of communicable disease in Tennessee. The Anderson County Health Department is responsible for carrying out these requirements in Anderson County.









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